what eventmatch offers you

get discounts

Choose Eventmatch Premium and you will receive a huge amount of awesome vouchers for restaurants, bars, cafes and leisure facilities in your city, which you can redeem every month. Convince yourself!

explore locations

You want to get to know new locations in your city? No problem: just look in the app and find the right coupon for you. Lets see yous soon in your new favorite restaurant.

Join events

Still no plan what you should do today? Look into the app and find out what other people around you are going to do today and join them. Your next pub crawl with future friends is just a few clicks away!

Create events

You would rather do something in a group instead of going out on your own? Create an event within the app and quickly find people from your area who would love to share our offers with you. You can also just easily look for a running partner to motivate each other.

Meet new people

You like to meet new people but you do not feel like using dating apps? At Eventmatch the meetings take place as a group without dating intentions. And if you fancy a Prosecco Girls’ Night or a Poker Men’s Round, you can also create events just for your gender.

fast and easy

By swiping through the Events, you can easily decide, in which activities you are interested in. Afterwards, you can directly chat with the other participants and organize a get together

our PArtners


You know a cool location that should be on Eventmatch or you offer activities yourself?

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